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Single Parent Adoption

Inspirational stories, single parent adoption information, links to sites that offer unique insight to single parent adoption.

Kate's story of single parent adoption: A first person and ongoing account of a single prospective parent and her path through the adoption process.

Summary of Single Parent Adoption: This article is just a start to the world of single parent adoption. Soon, we'll be adding statistics and resources helpful to single parent adoption.

Single Parent Adoption: Details provided by the National Adoption Clearinghouse about single parent adoption.

Single Parent Adoption from Haiti: Christy, who is single, adopted Mimi and Violet from Haiti

John and Bill's Adoption Story: Considered single parent adoption even in a committed relationship, this is John and Bill's guatemala adoption story.

Single Parent Adoption Book Review: "I Love You Like Crazy Cakes" is a wonderful book about one single mother and her daughter's adoption experience.


Adoption by single parents continues to grow as more singles welcome children in to their lives.

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