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China Adoption

The Gresham's Story:Steven Curtis Chapman

Recently I have felt a burden in my heart for the little girls of China. I began to read about adoption from a Christian perspective and began to feel a calling in my life to "do something." There are literally tens of thousands of baby girls abandoned each year in China. I was kind of overwhelmed at the fact that there was little that any one person could do to help or change this situation; obviously I am only one person. I tossed around the idea of leading an effort to collect items for an

orphanage there or something of that sort, and still may, but what the Lord laid on my heart was the fact we could actually make a tremendous difference in the life of a child by providing a loving home and family. I had been grieving over the fact that we could no longer have children and felt as though our family was not yet "complete." I know that children are considered a blessing in the Lords eyes and we as Christians, are called to help "orphans and widows in their distress." Could it be that God wants to continue to bless our family with more children and provide a loving home for someone in need at the same time??? I began to pray about the situation. I wanted to know for sure that this was Gods will for our family, and not just me and my hormones. I prayed that confirmation would come through my husband, as he was the one who felt very strongly (after my last difficult pregnancy) that 4 children were enough.

One night, several weeks later, as Pat and I were watching T.V. (a story involving adoption) I happened to mention how much I had been thinking about adoption and the little girls in China, and how I couldn’t get it out of my head. His response absolutely floored me! He said............

"So have I, do you want to see all the research that I have done?" My heart was racing, I couldn't believe my ears.

God had put this all together, touching each one of our hearts individually, and then bringing us together to discover that each one of us was feeling led in the same direction!

And so our pursuit began.

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