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Adoption Fraud:International Adoption Checklist (Mexico)

My name is David and I was a victim of International Adoption Fraud. Our adoption took six years from start to finish, cost more than twice what it was supposed to, and involved 22 families and a federal court case. It took three years to legalize my daughter's adoption status and another half year to legalize her immigration status.

Over the years, I've networked with many people involved in adoptions, including other victims of fraud, adoptive parents,

agency personnel, attorneys, authorities and advocates. I was a volunteer board member of the National Association of Ethical Adoption Professionals and have devoted considerable time and effort to fighting for adoption reform and regulation that will protect all members of the adoption triad from being victimized.

This site will be the residence of my frequently published and posted agency Checklist, which I compiled with the input of many over much time. The purpose is to help prospective adoptive families choose an adoption agency in a way that will reduce their chances of becoming victims of adoption fraud.

Additionally, I plan to publish or link to the stories of victims of adoption fraud so that you will know that this can happen to you and you will see the devastating effects adoption fraud has on all members of the adoption triad.

Of course, I make no claims or guarantees that if you use the checklist you won't be victimized, but I sincerely hope this helps you on your adoption journey. If using this checklist helps even one family avoid what my family and too many others have suffered at the hands of the unscrupulous con-artists inhabiting the adoption industry, then I've accomplished my purpose. (more...)



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