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She was and always will be
"A Special Gift from God."

My husband and I adopted a baby girl from Taiwan in 1988. She was born in July of 1987 weighing barely 2 lbs. She is now a beautiful 17 year old and is my angel.

She has and probably always will be developmentally delayed because she was so tiny. She was born at 26 weeks gestation. She is however very intelligent and plays the piano beautifully. She is an honor student in grade 11. We had her repeat grade 3 because she just didn't seem to grasp things as quickly as the other children in her grade. But today, she loves to read and write, plays the flute for her high school senior wind ensemble and plays piano competitively.

Your decision to adopt will never be one that you regret in my opinion. She was and always will be a special gift from God.

But the inevitable has happened. She wants to find her parents. Although we have always discussed things openly with her, she had never expressed the need or desire to want information on her biological family until now.

Where do we begin? We both knew that day would come but it was not easy. She now has the photo of her mother, father and older brother on her night stand. As her parents we are experiencing mixed emotions. We are happy for her and kind of sad for us.

I just wish that we could quickly find her family so that she can be reunited with them. She needs this to feel whole. The internet is full of web-sites and links but still very difficult to find exactly what we are looking for. I keep hoping that they are looking for her at their end and that we will eventually meet somewhere in the middle.

If the good Lord wants this to happen, I truly believe that it will.


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