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International Adoption - Taiwan

Taiwan Adoption

Our journey began in the summer of 2001. My husband and I had spoken of adoption from the beginning of our marriage, and 3 children and 10 years had passed when we both felt the Lord lead us to begin the process. We settled on international adoption, even though we knew it would be expensive and we didn’t have the money. We were convinced that everything would fall into place and we would have a child or children within a year. Everything did fall into place, however, not exactly the way we had planned. It took three different South American adoption attempts with two separate agencies to sense that the Lord wasn’t leading us to South America. Our children, we would come to realize, (almost 3 years later) were in Taiwan. Most assuredly we were discouraged at times. People even tried to convince us to give up. It seemed that there was always more money needed. It would have been easier to quit. We did not quit, and here is why. The beautiful truth about international adoption is that no matter what obstacles may come, the end result will always be a child. The evidence of this truth is the day we were given Eden and Payton (then 5 and 3 respectively).

They were sitting on the floor playing with puzzles. My husband and I could barely breathe. They were beautiful. The facilitators introduced us as their Mom and Dad. They didn’t speak any English, and they barely looked up. They were shy until we brought out the candy ring pops and showed them how to wear them on their finger while they lick. (Candy in any language means fun) They began to smile at that moment and have not stopped since. Just eight short months later they are riding bikes, jumping rope, swimming, and speaking English. Most people can’t believe they’ve only been with us for 8 months. They have followed the examples of their older siblings and adapted to all types of new situations. We can’t even believe it’s only been 8 months.

The other day we were out searching for a restaurant and we thought Chinese food would be good, so we offered it up as a suggestion. Payton then informed us, “but I don’t want Chinese food, I like bread!” It was just one of a list of confirmations (though small) that these two precious girls are right where they belong. They’re home.

So what are you waiting for? There are children waiting on you.

Randy and Danna Stinson are the proud parents of Gunnar 8, Georgia 8, Fisher 7, Eden 6, and Payton 4. They reside in Louisville, Kentucky



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Commonwealth Adoptions International specializes in international adoption to help orphaned children overseas find safe, loving homes, assisting families throughout the world.

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