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Ukraine Adoption

Ukraine Adoption is told in this touching International Adoption Tale about Vitaly.


Ukraine Adoption: Born from the Heart

Come with Us as We Travel to Ukraine to Adopt Our Son Bitaly in a Journey of a Lifetime!!!!


Day One: "Plane Day" 11:45 a.m. Dayton, Ohio- November 18th, 2000

I cannot believe our time to travel to Ukraine has finally arrived. We have planned, worked on our paperwork, and rerouted our adoption for almost one year. It almost seems surreal to be leaving in a few minutes. Even with all the planning, I am still repacking and trying to get every detail just right. Total luggage count: Two large suitcases containing my clothes/essentials/gifts. Two large duffels bags which contain Larry's clothes/baby clothes/orphanage donations/blankets/pillows. One carry-on with a change of clothes and paperwork. Two backpacks with personal goods. We are also carrying moneybelts with a total of 10,000$ inside. Our last item to carry-on is an umbrella stroller. Larry hates it, but I know it will be a savior later on.

4:30p.m.- Chicago, Illinois
We are finally departing the USA and heading for Zurich, Switzerland. We are traveling on Swiss Airlines. It is a very nice plane, but the flight will take approximately nine hours. Luckily, another Cathy Harris family is on board. Carolyn Braden and her daughter Brittany. I cannot believe our luck, because we are only one row apart! We are able to talk and share our excitement.

7:30p.m.- Chicago time
We are due to arrive in Zurich, in less than six hours. I am so excited, I cannot sleep. Even though I know if I do not sleep now, who knows when I will. The anticipation is killing me!

Day Two: "Kyiv Day" 8:30a.m. Zurich, Switzerland- November 19th, 2000

We are in the Zurich Airport. There is nothing to do, but wait for our 10:50a.m.flight to Kyiv. Larry, Carolyn, Brittany, and I are beginning to feel quite tired and cranky. One good thing is I have finally found a use for the umbrella stroller. It can double as a luggage carrier. What a relief for our aching backs.
2:00p.m.- Kyiv Airport
I cannot believe it. We have finally arrived in Ukraine. The day is very overcast and dreary. The airport is very old. We all enter into a large room. On one side is a booth to buy medical insurance, while another line is for passports/visas. There are many other Americans in line and we all introduce ourselves. After we have retrieved our tremendous amount of luggage, we head to the customs line. Customs asks for specific items to be declared- anything electronic, money, jewelry, or medicines. Larry and I both must fill one out, because we are both carrying these items. I list a radar detector, we have brought as a gift for our facilitator. It is the wrong thing to do. Not only does the customs official want to know if we have gifts, but to actually see this "radar" detector. I am thinking- yeah right- I have no idea where it is. Seven bags and I am suppossed to find a radar detector. So, as we open and dig, I come across a cheap radio headset I forgot about. The custom's official is watching me, so I proudly say "Oh, here it is." Larry looks at me disgusted and says, "No, it's a radio!" And, I sternly say, "Here it is- the radar detector." Larry agrees and the custom's officials look a bit confused and wave us through. (more...)

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