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Ukraine Adoption

Ukraine Adoption is told in this touching International Adoption Tale about Vitaly.


Ukraine Adoption: Born from the Heart

Day Twenty: "Birth Certificate"-10:00a.m.-Hotel

We get up sort of late. I am tired, because I have not been sleeping well. The mattress is very old and thin. Everytime, I lay down I disappear into the hole it makes. We go to the internet cafe. We are trying to contact Swiss Air about changing our reservations. Our flight is supposed to depart tommorow from Warsaw. I am totally stressed over getting the reservation changed. Swiss Air has not responded to our emergency email so we had back to the hotel to wait for Masha.

1:00 p.m.- Ternopil
Masha comes to get us in our room. She wants us the hurry and talk to the head of Vital Statistics. We run to the building, but the lady refuses to see us because she is hungry and going to lunch. She tells us to go away, until after lunch. So, we go to the first restaurant we ate in, when we arrived in Ternopil. I order the sausage stuffed with spaghetti, only because it comes with ketchup. I really miss my condiments and spicy hot foods I crave. The one thing we notice is all the restaurants have similar menus. There is mostly soup, pizza, pork, dumplings and potatoes. Masha comments the lady at Vital Stats seems very mean.

2:00 p.m.- Vital Stats office
We go back to the Vital Stats office. Masha talks for awhile and then we have our new birth certificate. She is not so mean afterall. Meanwhile, Larry and I cannot figure out how to change our airline rez. We decide to call our travel agent- Janice- even with the time difference. She is there! In one minute, she is able to reschedule our flight for one week later. Masha is amazed by our technology. She says Ukraine needs more computers, so there would be less running around. We all laugh.
5:00 p.m.- Passport Office
The passport office says it will take five days at least to get a passport. No way around the time of wait. Masha talks to some other ladies, they say they will have it by the morning. So, we run to the notary to finish the paperwork.

7a:00 p.m.- Dinner
It is our last night in Ternopil. We want to go to the Europa, but it is extremely crowded. So, we go back to the Mermaid. We go to bed early, because we know tommorow will be a long day.


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