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Ukraine Adoption

Ukraine Adoption is told in this touching International Adoption Tale about Vitaly.


Ukraine Adoption: Born from the Heart

Day Twenty-Seven: "Embassy Day" 9:30a.m.- Warsaw

We walk to the American Embassy for our appointment. We are glad we brought the stroller now. When we get to the entrance, we get to pass by the huge line of people waiting to get it since we are Americans. It takes @ two hours to process our paperwork. There are other Cathy Harris couples there and we all talk.

Noon- Warsaw
We go back to the Sheraton. It is time for Vitaly to take a nap. I watch TV and Larry goes to meet Bill downstairs. We plan to meet for lunch at 2:00p.m.

2:00p.m.- Sheraton
Wow- what a treat, we are eating Tex Mex type food. I am so happy to be eating spicy nachos for the first time in weeks. YUM...

3:00p.m.- Embassy
Back to the Embassy to pick up the visa. We get it and then decide we will go to OldTown with Bill.
We head to OldTown Warsaw. What a beautiful place. It is December 14th, so everything is decorated for Christmas. We spend time walking, shopping and eating before heading back to the Sheraton. It is a wonderful city.

8:00p.m.- Sheraton
Robyn and Elizabeth join us for some food and drinks. We are leaving tommorow morning very early (4:30a.m.). We take some pictures and pack then get some rest.

Day Twenty- Eight: "HOMEWARD BOUND"- Warsaw

4:30 a.m.- Sheraton
We are getting up at 4:30, it seems like we never even slept. We try not to awaken Vitaly and carry him to the taxi. Too late, he awakens when the cold air hits him.

7:00 a.m.- Airport
We are departing Warsaw on a beautiful SwissAir plane heading to Zurich. Vitaly is being very good and hams it up. We are thrilled.

9:30 a.m.- Zurich
I am changing a second messy diaper. Luckily the Zurich airport has a terrific family area for the children to play and parents to relax. It is wonderful and really helps. We finally get to the counter to get our seats. We are worried because the flight is "sold out", and we were not reassigned any seats. At first, the counter tells us no seats together. We are devastated. Then suddenly, she says she has found three. Well, three becomes four when noone sits in the other. What a bonus- sold out flight and we even have the only spare empty too! Our flight is 10 hours long.

3:00- Chicago
We are back in the US and they are playing Christmas music. It is sort of odd because we almost forgot it was close to Christmas. We are thrilled to be back in the states. We even remember today is our TEN year wedding anniversary! Our flight to Dayton has been cancelled due to ice in Chicago. We are desperate to get home and plead to every airline. Finally, we are successful and depart Chicago.

12:00 a.m.- Dayton, Ohio
We are home! Aunt Sally, Christy, Cathy, Rowland, Judy, Hunter and Joe S are all still waiting for us. Amazing- and we never expected anyone! We are thrilled beyond belief. We get home and go directly to bed after giving the dogs a huge hug.
We are so happy to be home and with our new son! (more...)

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