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Ukraine Adoption

Ukraine Adoption is told in this touching International Adoption Tale about Vitaly.


Ukraine Adoption: Born from the Heart

6:00p.m.- Kyiv, Ukraine
We really like our facilitator Dima and our translator Masha. Dima is a rather large guy in Ukrainian standards and is very young. Our translator is a beautiful young woman and very sweet. They will be our companions for the next few weeks. We travel to the Tourist Hotel and our room is not bad. Clean and comfortable. Dima and Masha say good-bye and tell us they will pick us up at 8:30a.m., to go to the Adoption Center (AC). Larry and I decide to get a bite to eat at an English Pub, inside of the hotel. Larry orders a grilled ham/cheese sandwich, which is the size of a slice of garlic toast. I get some onion soup and rice. The food is okay. We are in bed by 8:00p.m., and sleep until 6:00a.m.

Day Three: "Adoption Center" 6:00a.m.- Kyiv

We are feeling much better after a good sleep and a hot shower. I cannot believe today, we are going to the NAC. We dress in our better outfits and wait impatiently in the lobby. Dima and Masha finally pick us up and have great news- we are first in line. We wait for what seems like an eternity in a dark hall. There are about 25-30 other couples. It turns out we are second, but who cares, much better then last. We see Carolyn and many other IUAFN (Independent Ukrainian Adoption Family Network) families.

10:30a.m.- AC
We finally are called into Mrs. Kunko's office. She is the Director of the NAC.(National Adoption Center) She asks us, "why we are you here?" We have brought a picture of a family who have adopted twice and smile. She says there are no available children under three and none healthy. We nod and say we want a boy under three with minor correctable conditions. She sends us to another room, where a lady named Tatiyana is waiting. Tatiyana brings out a book with many older children or children with very serious problems. We politely shake our heads no and wait for more pictures. We are shown a book from the Lugansk region. There are three boys pictures and they seem to be healthy and around the age of two. Larry and agree we will go see them. I am relieved there is more than one child, available at the orphanage. We hope there might be others available too, because we really want a younger child. As we are leaving, we once again see Carolyn and the other families. They are still waiting their turn. We are so happy our facilitator is Dima.

Noon- Kyiv
We buy our train tickets and now have the day to sightsee until our train departs. Kyiv has many beautiful churches and we see sights like St. Andrew's and St. Sophia's. Masha is a terrific guide.

11:30p.m.- Train to Lugansk
I am so relieved this day is over. The Adoption Center is one of the most stressful and emotional things, we have done yet. We are now traveling 17 hours on a "first-class" sleeper train. We give some presents to Masha and Dima and try to sleep. (more...)

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