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Ukraine Adoption

Ukraine Adoption is told in this touching International Adoption Tale about Vitaly.


Ukraine Adoption: Born from the Heart

Day Six: "Thanksgiving" 11:30 a.m.-Taxi to Maripol

I feel today will be a good day. I know we will find our son today. We have departed in a taxi, which must be 30 years old. Larrya nd I are laughing, because it has to be the oldest one around. It has snowed overnight and the roads are very bad. We almost get in a accident. We hit ice and the car has spun out of control, crossing to the other side of the road. Now, I am frightened. We are very lucky the semi that just passed was five seconds behind. Masha even looks scared.

3:30 p.m.-Maripol
We are at the orphanage. Dima is waiting. The director seems very nice and the orphanage is immaculate. She takes us into her office and starts arguing with Dima. Masha looks worried. I ask her what is wrong. She says "We will be shown two boys ages 5 and 3.5" I am stunned. I wonder why we are not being shown the babies? She says this is the older orphanage. Larry and I feel completely hopeless, when in walks a beautiful and happy five year old boy (Dima). Larry takes out a toy we have brought.and plays with him. Everyone is watching. I do not know what I feel. He is a great kid, but he is five. The 3.5 year old comes in and he has Down's. He is crying, so they let him leave. Then in walks a terrific dimpled five year old (Sasha). He is very sweet and cute. I still feel they are too old. I have been dreaming of a baby and planned for one. We do not know what to do. We know we might leave Ukraine without a child. After much deliberation and heartache, I decide I do not feel the connection to adopt a five year old. (Sasha was later adopted by another IUAFN family - YEAH). We hug the boys, thank the Director and leave. When I get into the taxi, I lose it completely. I am so mad and confused! I feel betrayed, since I did not see any younger children, and thought I was going to. Larry is upset too. It is not Dima or Masha's fault, it is just circumstance. They are working very hard. I ask to find a phone. I call Cathy Harris and she tells me to return to Kyiv and the AC in the morning. She is terrific and I feel much better.

Day Seven: "Back to Kyiv" 4:00 a.m.-Maripol

We awake at 4:00a.m. It is extremely cold. We take a taxi (without heat) to the Donetsk airport one hour away. It costs $40. Our flight to Kyiv is ($265) is surreal. The plane is very old and reminds you of an old fifties movie. There is lots of ice on the runway and the plane. I am scared to death.

10:30 a.m.- Kyiv
We arrive back at the NAC for our next appointment. We wait for two hours in the hall, before Tatiyana calls us in. We begin to look through many pictures. We pick out of many boys, but whenever Tatiyana calls they are already adopted. We go to lunch, and return to look at more pics. We cannot make up our mind.

4:30 p.m.- NAC
It is time for the NAC to close. Since it is a Friday, we are beginning to feel desperate. We have quite a few pictures and are debating the diagnosis. Someone hands a new picture to Masha. It is a newborn picture of a 15 month old boy. His diagnosis looks very good. We know right away. This is our son. His name is Vitaly. He is in a difficult region called Ternopil, but we do not care.

We hitch a ride with the local soccer trainer. We think Masha says circus trainer, so it is very funny. His daughter is in the car. She is about six and will not look at us. Wegive her two lollipops. Her dad is quite the talker! We go to a very nice hotel. It has a brand new bathtub, three beds, and a kitchen. Larry has meat dumplings, while I eat potato dumplings. We sleep great and dream of our son. (more...)

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