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Ukraine Adoption

Ukraine Adoption is told in this touching International Adoption Tale about Vitaly.


Ukraine Adoption: Born from the Heart

Day Ten: "The Cookie" 1:00p.m.-Ternopil

We meet Masha for lunch. We have pizza and european salad. It is very good. All the food has been pretty good so far. We go shopping and walk around the town. It is very European and quaint. We really like it.

We go to the orphanage to visit Vitaly. He is still upset, but lets up hold and talk to him. We have brought him some cookies. He is standing in a wooden playpen. A caregiver breaks off a piece of cookie and gives it to him. He cannot swallow solids very well, so she is hitting the back of his neck. I do not like this. Vitaly gets so excited by the cookie, he lets go of the rail and falls backward. He cannot stand on his own yet. I gasp and she picks him up. She gives him some more cookie and he lets go again. I say no more cookie! I cannot stand to see him fall. We take more pics and say good-bye.

Day Eleven: "The Walker" 1:00p.m.- Ternopil

Larry and I have spent the morning walking the town and shopping. We meet Masha for lunch. We have to go to the education department and meet with the inspector. He is very nice and asks why we want to adopt and other general questions.

3:30- orphanage
We see Vitaly in his play groupa. There are eleven other babies. We have brought him some juice. They stick him in an old walker. He can barely move. He will not come towards us, and backs quickly away towards his caregivers. We give him the juice and can tell he is very hungry. I wish we could bring him with us.

Day Twelve: "Our Suitcases Return" 9:00a.m.-orphnage

We get up early to go to the orphanage. Vitaly does not cry this time, when he sees us. Grumpy- yes, but upset- no. I think he might begin to like us.

5:00p.m.- Ternopil
Dima has joined us again. He has all of our suitcases, because they would not fit on the plane. We have had the same two outfits for five days. Some clean clothes and undergarments. I am so excited. I want to burn the clothes I have worn for the past five days. I do throw them away before we leave. We have dinner together and then play a card game called Fool. (more...)

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