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Ukraine Adoption

Ukraine Adoption is told in this touching International Adoption Tale about Vitaly.


Ukraine Adoption: Born from the Heart

Day Thirteen: "Scotch" noon-Ternopil

We are in the hotel with Masha and Dima. Masha tells us that Dima needs some scotch. So, we say okay. So, we say does he need money to get his scotch? She say no, use the scotch in your room. Larry and I are confused. We do not have any alcohol in the room. So, we say he can go buy some. She says no get your scotch tape in your room. We laugh because we have duct tape, but no scotch tape. We are thinking she meant a drink.

We go to the orphanage to see V. We give him some more juice. He lets us hold him, but becomes very upset when his favorite

caregiver walks by. Her name is Maria. She loves Vitaly very much and has raised him, since a baby. The second she holds him, he begins to smile and laugh. She tells us wonderful things about Vitaly. She is very happy , because Vitaly is going to America.

7:00p.m.- Ternopil
We go to dinner with Masha and Dima. We go to the most expensive restaurant in the town. We have decided to treat them to a nice dinner. I have chicken stuffed with mushrooms and mushroom "soap" (as the menu reads). Dima can eat and drink a lot and our bill is over 200 gryvnas!

Day Fourteen: "Dinner Treat" 4:00p.m.- orphanage

We go to the orphanage. Vitaly is in a great mood. They say because his belly is full. Today, they were given cabbage soup. He lets us play with him and he laughs. He is very cute and we are so happy.

6:30p.m.- Ternopil
We meet Dima for dinner. He wants to treat us this time. He really liked the expensive restaurant from last night, so we return. There are more people tonight including two very old men dancing with two very young women. There is a piano player and we have a lot of fun. Dima insists we eat dessert, so we split a huge ice cream sundae. He also gives us some bad news. They say we must wait 10 days after a court date for the vital statistics to be ready. Also, our paperwork will not be ready until Monday. This is upsetting, but not much we can do.

Day Fifteen: "Outdoor Market" 8:00a.m.- Ternopil

I get up earlier then everyone. I hate the bed. It is very old and caves in. I am glad Larry has brought a Gameboy, which I play for hours. We meet Masha and go to the outdoor market. I love it, but there are so many people. An old woman runs over my feet with a cart. Masha laughs and tells me the lady said I move like an elephant. We purchase a cute snowsuit for Vitaly. We also get some toothpaste, deodarant and a radio for the orphanage. We buy some children's tapes to play in the room.

Time to see Vitaly. We cannot go earlier in the day, because the babies must sleep for four hours in the afternoon. Masha begins to call our days- "Groundhog Day". It is true, everyday seems to be just like the last. Vitaly is cranky and very hungry. We give him a bottle of juice. He likes Larry to hold him, but I think it is because he is tall. The hall we stand in has nothing for Vitaly to play with. We want to interact more, but they won't let us in with the other children. He sees Maria and screams. It is dinnertime for him, so we leave.

7:30p.m.- Ternopil
We head back to our favorite restaurant. It has great pizza and MTV. We head back to the hotel. Masha has a TV in her room. We play fool and watch a chessy American movie. Of course, it is dubbed, so we make up the words. Masha insists the start is a guy called Billy Zane. Larry says 'Nyet. So, they argue and laugh about it all night. (more...)

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