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Ukraine Adoption

Ukraine Adoption is told in this touching International Adoption Tale about Vitaly.


Ukraine Adoption: Born from the Heart

Day Sixteen: "Masha hat"- noon downtown

Day Eighteen: "Groundhog Day"- 10:00 a.m.- Hotel

We have nothing to do but sit and wait. Groundhog day as we have dubbed them. Masha has lots of work, it will be a long day for her. She is revisiting the Judge. Larry and I sit and wait in the room. We eat some snacks, we have brought. I am tired and feeling a bit cranky. I am catching a wicked cold. I go back to sleep.

4:00 p.m.- Orphanage
This is the day we will give the donations to the orphanage. We meet with the Director. I have brought many clothes, shoes, blankets, meds and toys from the US. When, I give them, noone seems to care. We have lugged the bags all around Ukraine, and yet, noone really cares about the clothes. We have put a monetary donation in an envelope also. The Director and Masha are talking. While, I am sifting through the donations, I look up and everyone is looking at me. So, I smile. Masha asks "donation?" So, I am confused and say "not enough?" She looks confused ans says, "where is it?" I laugh and point to the envelope they have missed. The Director now sees it too and laughs. Now, time to go see Vitaly. I have a cold, so I cannot interact very much. I try, but I am scared of making him sick. Larry does a great job though. He gives him a bottle of juice. I cannot believe it, but Vitaly cannot drink it all. And, yes he is full! So, I wonder if we are feeding him correctly. We are still new at this. Masha laughs and says yes. Vitaly wants to cuddle and I cannot believe how terrific he looks in Larry's arms. They are meant to be father and son. You can tell Larry will be a great dad and Vitaly adores him.

8:00 p.m.- Dinner
We are trying a new dinner location. We like it very much. It is very quaint and good. I have dumplings, potatoes, and tea. Larry has schnitzel, potatoes and a coke.


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