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Ukraine Adoption Stories


August 6, 2004 - No Rain Today, Temp. mid 70s We had cheerios and yogurt for breakfast and waited for Irene our tour guide to call us with information about a tour of the city. She called at about 9:30 a.m. and we caught a cab into downtown. She took us to see the Lavra a series of beautiful churches and one of the most popular tourist and religious sites in Ukraine. The tour was very interesting and the buildings were very beautiful. We went to victory park and on to see the President's palace. Along the way we were able to see the parliment buildings and many government buildings. We were back at the flat by 1:00 and we had lunch of bread, cheese, Ukrainian salsa, chips, and yogurt. We read and nap in the afternoon and Eric plotted how we could escape the apartment and go the the National Opera.

We had been told it would be around 10 to 20 U.S. dollars. We will find out tomorrow if we will be able to go. We went to our favorite hangout, McDonald's. We actually had fun just people watching, especially the children. We went back to the flat for more napping, reading, playing cards, and trying to catch background English on the Ukrainian TV. We do not really know how to act since we had been so busy with the house at home. Debbie even commented that if she had some paint she would be inclined to get to work. It is hard for us to sit still.

August 7, 2004 - Mid Seventies and No Rain

Again another morning of cheerios and yogurt. This morning we ventured out on our own to mail some items and use the internet. We have had some trouble downloading the pictures. The computer people at the interenet cafe are a little uninterested in helping us with this process. We wandered through the markets taking everything in along the way. We came back to the apartment and had our usual cheese and bread with salsa and chips. We called Gayla to find out about opera tickets. Unfortunately, the opera does not begin until the middle of September. Gayla had a young friend in to visit her and they were headed to the zoo. Gayla asked if we would like to go and of course we said yes. We had the best time and the zoo was great. Eric rode bumper cars and a mini roller coaster with Gayla's friend Katya, she is eleven years old visiting from a rural region. We then caught a bus downtown to at least see the opera house. We had dinner at an Ukrainian restaurant close to the opera house. We then walked towards the main street stopping at a pet store and a home store. On the main street there was a festival and we enjoyed seeing all the local people and the free concert. We took the subway and bus to get back to the apartment and we were able to relax (reading and playing cards). We plan on going to church with Gayla tomorrow around 10:00 a.m.


August 9, 2004 - Mid Seventies (Rain off and on)

Sveta and Victor were right on time and we left for Kharkiv. The roads were bad but not as bad as we had expected. Our pit stop along the way to use the bathroom was pretty interesting. It was between the outhouse with the hole and the cornfield. We chose the cornfield. We did make it to the orphanage in the rural outskirts of Kharkiv. We met with the Director and she was very nice. Sveta received the latest medical infomation on the child. She took us to see the little girl Vladaslava. We knew the whole experience would be emotional. Nothing could have prepared us. At first, we were in shock of how small she was. She has the prettiest blue eyes, face, smile, eyelashes.... She look at both of us almost as if she knew who we were. We held and played with her for about thirty minutes and then left to email Dr. Purcell. The previous day we had emailed her the information we had. She had already responded to this email and advised on things to look for. We felt pretty good about the things we had said and sent another email with more up to date info. The place we are staying is an Ukrainian "Resort" for pregnant women and for people who are adopting. The rooms are OK but we miss Kiev. The lunch they served was a wilted salad with fish, borshe, chicken with porrage, roll with jelly in the middle, and some sort of fruit juice. Not exactly our favorite meal. Needless to say, that while we were in town we bought some food for us and the baby. We are having trouble getting emails to work. It has been frustrating, not to mention that we can not find anyone to download our picture. We came back and did a lot of praying, soul searching, and crying. We prayed for a peace about things.

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