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Ukraine Adoption Stories


August 12, 2004 Cloudy Seventies

Today we had our Cheerios and left at 8:15 a.m. to the police department to gain the necessary papers regarding the birth mother for the adoption. We were able to get the paperwork and able to use the internet and buy some groceries. They were laughing at us because of how much we were buying. We bought yogurt, bananas, and pampers for the orphanage.

We also bought food for us and Ella because we understand that we will now wait until next week before we go before the judge. We then went to the court and to our suprise met the judge and also the lawyer we had hired. We had to determine an official name: Ellana Christine-Lada Wright. We decided to keep part of her original name Vladaslava. Lada's meaning is sweet in demeanor. After this we went back to the room to go see our little girl. We hated it because we missed our morning visit to obtain the necessary papers, but we now have pampers!! We gave her yogurt and few animal crackers. We pray that they are also feeding her because this is all they allowed us to give her. Each day she seems to new things. We feel like she has never been outside before because of her size. She is slowly being introduced to a whole new world. We played with bubbles and videotaped our time with her and parts of the orphanage. The children are very sweet as well. We really have come to appreciate the ministry of Hopeful Hearts and all they do for these children. When we had to leave she cried and it really broke our hearts. We are still lifting up great hope as Sveta and Victor travel back to Kiev with our final papers for the Adoption Center. We pray that this goes well since they are unpredictable. We enjoyed dinner and talked about all the responsibility we have ahead of us. Earlier, Sveta said after the court hearing on Tuesday, we will go pick up your daughter. That was the first time we heard Ella described as our daughter. IT FELT GOOD! We spent time before bed watching the video and making a list of all the things we need to buy for her. All and all, it was a blessed day! Praise God!

August 15,2004 - sunny very cool high 60's

Today we had a bowl of Cheerio's and headed off to the orphange. We played inside and fed her more banana's, cereal and applesauce. She ate very well. Today she saw herself in the mirror for the first time. We love moments like this. She is just so special. I think we must of fed her a little to much or we played to much because she feel asleep in Debbie's arms today before we had to give her back. It was a Kodak moment. We hurried back to change and head to the main road to catch a taxi to go in town. We had peanut butter and crackers along the way. Since today is Sunday we were having a difficult time catching a taxi. One of the locals saw our problem and offered to help. Within 5 minutes he had a taxi for us. We agreeded on a price like we are supposed to do, and we were off. He was a crazy driver and we were not sure he was going to take us were we wanted to go. We finally made it but he tried to bully us into paying double what we had agreed on. We stood our ground, he did not know how cheap we are. We were glad to get out of the car. We were able to use the internet and do a little shopping today. Also, Chip had sent us the drivers for the camera so hopefully we will be able to download pictures. We are dying to share to share her with you. We were running a little late so we were hurrying to get back. We had no problem catching a taxi from the city center. We arrived back and ended up right on time. We enjoyed more time feeding and playing. Today she was bundled up like a little ROCKY. It was funny. Again, it gets more difficult to leave her everyday. Only two more visits until we get to spring her. She is going to really see a whole new world. Like Dr. Purcell said in her email, "just remember the people on the plane are people you will likely never see again." Please pray that she makes a good adjustment. Continue to pray that the AC is cooperative and gives us our approval to adopt. We were starting to drag a little as we headed back. We had our typical dinner (ham, cheese, chips, jello). We actually were very excited about the jello! Scary:-) We started preparing for Ella to be in the room with us. We have made numerous list of things we are going to need. Food is our biggest priority. She has a lot of eating to do. We watched her video and went to sleep.

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