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Ukraine Adoption Stories



August 16, 2004 - Sunny Low 70s

We had cheerios and headed to the orphanage and we are very excited because this is supposed to be our last day to visit. We were able to come outside to feed and play with her. The workers today are so nice. An older lady named Oksana says she has been working at the orphanage for over thirty years. We hurried back and ate peanut butter and crackers as we headed to the main road to catch a taxi. We were determined to get pictures to download. After twenty minutes a taxi stopped and we were off. From what we could understand the driver is a pastor at a local church. That was a relief because we had the scary taxi ride the other day. We arrived safely and shopped for gifts and headed to the internet cafe. We were successful downloading pictures (yeah!) However, we did not realize that it would take over an hour to download one chip. We only had time to get 31 downloaded and wouldn't you know that Ella is not in a single picture. We were out of time and we were going to be late getting back. Along the way our taxi smelled of burning rubber.

We thought he had a flat time. He pullled over and Eric offered to help. He said everything was OK and were off again. We were not sure if we were going to make it though. We ran up to our room and grabbed her food and were off to the orphanage. You would think that we were training for the mini marathon. We walk over 4 miles of hills a day, typically at a very brisk pace. Eric has to jog to keep up with Debbie's long stride. We are dying to weigh ourselves. We know that we have lost weight, but are not sure how much. At this rate all three of us will need new clothes. We did finally make and we were very excited because this is to be our last visit. We came outside and played and feed her. Tonight though the workers brought the children out and sat up by us. They borrowed our phrase book and asked us questions like... Where are you from? What do you do? Do you have other children?... It was a lot of fun. We were then able to ask them what type of things they could use for the children. They said clothes, food, and pampers mainly. We tried to figure what size clothes she was wearing. They told us 1-2 and we figured that was European sizing. We explained that we would be later because of our court date. We said our goodbyes and headed back. Before we ate Eric called Sveta to firm up what time we would leave on Tuesday. To our disappointment she said that the AC director did not come in today and did not appoint anyone to sign our papers. She was assured that someone would sign them on Tuesday so that we could go to court on Wednesday. This was disappointing news! We prayed that they would sign the papers on Tuesday. Our dinner was a little sparce tonight because we knew that we needed something for tomorrow night. We even running out of the snacks that we brought. We figure it is sort of like being on survivor. We walked thirty minutes just to get a coke but it was worth it! We relaxed as best we could and watch video from the day and went to bed.

August 17, 2004 Seventies No Rain

Today we had bacon, eggs, pancackes, biscuits and gravy. Ok, no really we had cheerios again. That is what we wished we had. We are out of cheerios so tomorrow will be interesting. We left for the orphanage and prayed that this would be the last day that we would need to go. We really want to be back in Kiev. We played and feed Ella as usual. Today she seemed to have much more energy and stronger. The Dr. even commented on how much stronger she seemed. We came back and tried to catch a taxi for 40 minutes but had no luck. We are growing very weary. Debbie has caught Ella's cold and is miserable. We bought more snacks. Pretty much food is scary unless it is packaged or purchased at the supermarket. We headed back to take a nap and pray. We went back to the orphanage at a leisurely pace in hopes that today would be the last day. She had tons of energy tonight. We sprang carrot juice on her which is supposed to help with her anemia. We did not know if she would like the carrot juice, but she loved it and she also ate well. She cried quite a bite and we decided that she had gas. Granny was back tonight and we were able to show her pictures from home. Oh how we miss home. We headed back in hopes to hear good news from Sveta. While we waited we had the last piece of ham, cheese, and bologna. We finally heard from Sveta and it was not the news we wanted to hear. She said the director has grown ill with a heart problem and that the assistants were on vacation. The next lady in charge said that she does not have the experience to sign the paperwork. Although somehow she still continues to promise that she will have the paperwork ready for tomorrow between 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. After three days of promises we are not feeling very good about the situation. This one next extra prayer. We were very disappointed because we had not been able to update the journal. At this point everyone thinks we had our court appointment today. We hope tomorrow to be able to get a taxi ride into town not only to update the website but also to get some food. That is probably the most concerning thing because there is not much food. We are about ready to eat Ella's food. We prayed and went to bed in hopes of good news tomorrow.

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