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Ukraine Adoption Stories


August 20, 2004

We had a great night last night. Briefly, we started the day with Sveta and Victor going to get paperwork. We ended up with everything we needed and started immediately back to Kiev. More to come later.

August 20, 2004 Sunny 80s

Ella woke up at 4:00 a.m. and wanted to play with mommy. We thought surely this isn't the time she woke up usually. We ended up sleeping in the other room in chairs. Eventually, Eric went back into the room and fell asleep across the end of the bed. We woke up and got ready note sure what time she would wake up or if Sveta and Victor would need us this morning. Eventually she woke up around 8:00 and had some formula. Soon after Sveta and Victor came by to say they would try to complete the paperwork in a couple of hours. They would then come back and get us to go buy outfits for Ella and the orphanage. Sveta and Victor have worked very hard trying to get everything in order. We really appreciate everything they do. We continued to play with Ella. She loved rolling around on the bed between mommy and daddy. She was trying to figure everything out. She liked her new toyps and enjoyed her touch and feel book. We changed a couple diapers and had more time eating. Then it was nap time. We were so excited she actually slept well. It has been 24 hours and we are all still alive. Now we pray Sveta and Victor come with good news and that mabye we could leave for Kiev Saturday or Sunday. It was in the afternoon and this our first venture out together to buy dinner, a chunk of cheese . We had just paid and Sveta walked in to tell us that the paperwork was ready and that we could p0ick her passport up at 5:00 It was 3:00, so we had 2 hrs to shop for clothes. Not a lot of time considering most places seemed to be closed. We found one store open and bought clothes for the orphanage and a few pieces for her. They did not have a big selection. We picked up her passport. It was funny, Eric had worn shorts that day, he wasn't allowed in because of this. Sveta laughed because this is the first she had heard of this. Thankfully Debbie had worn jeans. Everything was OK. Her mugshot was very cute. Sveta had said we were ready to go back to Kiev. We said, oh in the morning. She said as soon as we were ready we could go back. We could not believe it, we were so happy. Eric delivered gifts to the orphanage and Debbie headed back to the room with Ella. We had thirty minutes to pack. Our stuff had multiplied. Somehow mom and dad got it all together. We even fed Ella some dinner, in hope she would fall asleep in the car. We left about 7:00 and arrived about 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Ella slept a little but the bumps were so bad the scared her. We tried everything. We finally had to give her a little benedryl to help her sleep. We figured we now have one leg of our four stops to get home over.

August 21st Saturday Sunny 80s

Debbie could not sleep to much nervous energy plus her congestion. Daddy and Ella had no problem. After Ella had formula about 7:30 a.m. Daddy headed to McDonalds for one more attempt at pancakes. This time he got muffins. It was good especially since we realized we did not really eat yesterday except a few bites of cheese, bread and a candybar. It is just such a relief being in Kiev. We can walk to the things we need. Granted their is not much a selection as far as restaurants without taking a taxi. That is why McDonalds is one of our favorite hang outs. We do have a grocery (a real one). While I played with Ella, Eric headed to the internet cafe to update everyone. She took a nap woke up and had lunch.

August 21
We then decided to chance it and go out and try to buy her a few outfits. WE were nervous since she does not seem to like cares very much and we really do not have her on a schedule. The schedule the orphanage gave us did not really jive. According to the schedule they gave us our visits would have been durng her nap time. She was defintely not a sleep when we would visit. The outfits are at an outdoor market which is very different than the US. Galya has been great and she has helped us purchase just about anything that we wanted to get. She is really nice. We bought a couple of bibs, a soft blanket, a onsie t-shirt (pink of course) and a couple of PJs, a knit jumper, another play toy. Mommie and Daddie lost her most favorite play toy that her aunt Chrys and Doug gave her. WE were all very saad. She loved it and they do not have anything like that here. Hopefully the new little toy will keep her occupied. Then we got really crazy. All along we had admired the strollers. They are rear facin which with adopted children they say this is important to face the parents. We were not able to find anything like this in the states. We had E-mailed our travel agent to see if he thought we were crazy. He did not think we were crazy so we bought a stroller. It may come in handy on the way back to help her because she gets so hot when we hold her for a very long time. WE learned that she needs a visa to visit Amsterdam. It may be a problem so we may have to spend the night at the airport and if so this would be a great help. It has a removable bassinet which made her car ride much more enjoyable. She loves the stroller. We made it back to the room fed her dinner and formula, gave her a bath, washed her hair, brushed her teeth, changed her diaper and put on her PJs. Some we had just bought were too small. We were bumed. One thing we had bouth was Carters and it was 6 - 9 months. We thing she leans more towards the 9 months. Problem here is most thing do not seem to have size tags. Oh well well have another clothes adventure soon. She fell asleep almost immediately. Eric headed to McDonald's for some Big Macs while I tried to get everything organized. Did we mention what a BLESSING hot water is. WE do dishes in an actual sink and take a shower. We love it. WE forgot to mention that this is the week of Ukraine's independence. Most things will be closed til Wednesday. So this will slow the process down. Our prayer is that Thursday our appointment with the US Embassy goes well. We have learned you just never know. If things proceed well we may get to leave Saturday or Sunday which will be August 28th or 29th. This will give us a chance to get adjusted before our big plane ride. We are relaxing now, playing with the stroller, and stratigizing how to get everything back home.

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