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Ukraine Adoption Stories


August 22, 2004 Sunny low 80s

Everybody had a good nights sleep. YEAH! We have her formula, played, had breakfast, spit up most of it, got everybody dressed and headed to the grocery before naptime. She was asleep before we even walked into the grocery. Got back and had lunch before she woke up. Yeah! Played some more!! She nad snacks, dinner and formula. She ate well. All day we contemplated calling home but we wanted to save our phone card in case of an emergency. Today we bought a roasted hen for dinner it was very good. We had that, pineapple and cheese. Gayla stopped by and brought ice cream. She is so sweet, she knows hom much we like ice cream. We talked for a while. It was nice because we are feeling a little home sick. Olga had called and needed Gayla to pick up a comforter from the apartment. It happened to be the one under a sleeping Ella. We were surprised she didn't fuss and went back to sleep. WE relaxed and continued to pray that everything could be finalized on Thursday.

August 23, 2004 high 60s Rained All Day
WE had our usual bowl of cheerios. Ella woke up about 7:00. WE all thankfully had a good night sleep. She ate well. We played had her banana snack and then we all took a nap. After lunch more play time. DAd did have to run out for more wet wipes. WE never thought we would be excited about changing diapers. Thinking about her laying in her crib wrapped in rags for a diaper, just gets to us. Eric was able to get out to the internet cafe in the afternoon. WE love all the notes of encouragement and the prayers. You can not imagine how much this helps. WE are counting the days til we come home. WE are still hopeful for Sat. or Sun. WE will not know until Thurs. Keep praying things so well. WE also have our friends the Davidson's on our minds a lot. They have less than three weeks to prepare to come to the Ukraine. A little stressful since they are in the process of moving. We are definitely praying for them. After dinner we gave Ella a bath and trimmed her fingernails. WE ALL LIVED! Let's just say those little nails had to go. Mommy and Daddie's face and neck could not take anymore nail pain. She is so much fun and is especially cute after she has just had a bath. She LOVES to have her hair brushed, we wonder if anyone had ever brushed her hair before. After a bottle she was off to bed. We relaxed still trying to figure out how we are going to get everything home.

August 24, 2004 Sunny low 70s

Ella woke up at a quarter til 7:00. She had her formula and we had our cheerios. She had the rest of her breakfast and played before her banana snack. Then it was nap time. Gayla had called to let us know about the Independence Day special on TV. She also called to let us know the doctors appointment for Ella was 8:15 a.m. on Wednesday. So we watched the Ukraine Independence day show and Ella slept. Then the olympics were on. WE wondered when they started and if the United States had won many medals. Debbie has a stomach virus on top of her congestion. She is feeling great (NOT). Ella ate good played and had her afternoon snack. She does not like her afternoon nap. She only naps for about 30 min. Eric took her outside in the stroller after dinner. She was a little fussy and we do not know if we are feeding her too much, she is teething, or if she is scared. She did go to sleep. YEAH! We relaxed and tried to get organized for tomorrow. We have the doctor for Ella in the morning. Gayla is going to take us to finish up the shopping we need to do. Hopefully Ella is a shopper!

August 25, Wednesday Sunny and 70s

We had Cheerios early to get ready to take Ella to the doctor today. We are all ready on time. We made it to the doctor and Ella did very well. The doctor was nice and spoke good English. After this we were off to finish our shopping. We bought Ella a tea set. Hot tea is a Ukranian custom. We then finished our Christmas shopping and shopped at the Motherworld market. We finally made it back to the apartment. Ella did great through the whole thing. She even took a nap. We played and she took another nap. While she took the nap Eric headed to the internet cafe to update people and have them pray that things would go well with the Foreign Ministry and the US Embassy. If this goes well we would be able to fly out Friday. It seems like a dream. Eric did talk to our travel agent later to get advice about the visa for her. We pray we won’t have to spend the night in the Amsterdam airport, but if it means we get home on Saturday it is definitely worth it. We were off to bed at around 10:00 p.m.

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