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Vietnam Adoption

Molly's Adoption Story

12 October 1999 - 2nd Day with MollyMolly slept last night from around 11 p.m., only interrupted by a feed around 4 a.m. She wakes at around 7 a.m., so we’ve more or less had 7 hours’ sleep ourselves. Not too bad with a new baby. We’re still on a high so we don’t really feel tired. Frank and the other two new daddies go to the Immigration Office with passports and adoption papers. Then they go shopping (without

Mrs. Ha) and buy various baby stuff. Frank buys bottles, formula – and flowers for me! He’s gone for about two hours. I’m in our room with Molly who is awake and in good form. She sits with the bottle for about 45 minutes but drinks almost nothing. It’s just for comfort, I think. I walk around the room with her and we look out the window. She seems to love that. She lies on the bed playing with her new soft toy, an octopus. Her abscesses look smaller and better already. Later we give her a bath in the bathroom sink. She likes that. When we dry her afterwards the biggest abscess bursts. We wash it carefully with soapy water. Molly hates when we touch it, but the dry wound stuff falls off and it really looks much better.

In the afternoon we go back to Queen Café in a cyclo and send some e-mails home. We buy some very cheap food there – it’s the first food we’ve had today! Molly is once again a big hit with the Vietnamese who all want to look and smile and touch. The abscess bursts again so we hurry back to the hotel and we have a quiet evening. We buy some Vietnamese clothes for Molly and check out some places where we may buy more souvenirs later. In the evening Molly falls asleep with mammy sleeping at her side. 13 October 1999 - 3rd Day with MollyToday is the first day we manage to have breakfast at the hotel. The restaurant is on the top floor – and there’s a terrific view. We do some more shopping in Hanoi today, among other things we go to a tailor and are fitted for suits, both of us. It seems very cheap. We buy some nice outfits for Molly too. The cyclo that we hail to get back stops before he reaches our hotel. He claims we’ve reached our destination. We refuse to pay him until he has taken us to the hotel and he gets very annoyed. A crowd of curious Vietnamese gather around us. We’re not really sure what the problem is… In the end we give the cyclo driver part of the money and hurry into a taxi and get to our hotel. This is our first – and only – encounter with a person who was anything less than friendly. Maybe we just misunderstood something. It’s very hot today. We’re a little worried if Molly can cope with the heat but she seems to be OK. Later on Frank takes a real jacuzzi (bubbles and all) with Molly. She just loves it! Plays with the bubbles – virtually eats them…. Then we feed her and she falls asleep. Her abscesses get better and better. I learned today that “frog” is êch in Vietnamese (I collect frogs, so that’s interesting information!) and is pronounced “ayk”. 14 October 1999 - Molly Upset for the First TimeA quiet breakfast in the hotel restaurant. More shopping. More curious Vietnamese people. We feel quite at home by this stage! A heavy rain shower takes us by surprise. It’s the first time it’s rained since we arrived. Afterwards the climate feels a little easier – not so heavy and humid. It’s my turn to take a jacuzzi with Molly today. She still loves it. Once again we order room service, thinking that Molly will sleep and let us relax for a while, but she wakes up and is rather cranky. That’s the first time we see that in her. Our dinner is ruined, but what does it matter… After a while she calms down and goes to sleep for a couple of hours – and so do I! We’ve spoken to Mike and Ina today. Alexander is causing them trouble. He won’t eat, won’t sleep and cries a lot. He seems to have reacted much more strongly than Molly on the new surroundings and new people. We want to meet up, but they just can’t make it at the moment. We hope that Alexander will calm down soon and let Mike and Ina out of the hotel… They have hardly gone anywhere because Alexander cries so much. (more...)

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Read the complete travel journal: http://www.laceysenderovitzfamily.dk/Molly%20pages/Molly_main.htm


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