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Vietnam Adoption

Molly's Adoption Story


15 October 1999 - Fifth Day with Molly

Frank did all the night feeding last night so I got a good night’s sleep. We decide to take things easy today. We get some films developed and shop a little.

We decide to go out anyway and visit the Hoan Kiem lake and the Ngoc Son temple.


Mike and Ina went to the international clinic today and things seem to be a little bit better. At least, they were told that there is nothing
seriously wrong with Alexander – he may have scabies and is probably just reacting to the change. We arrange to meet tomorrow at our place.

We discover today that Molly likes a soother (pacifier).

16 October 1999 - Molly in the Wars

Molly goes back to the international clinic today. A very nice Australian doctor examines her and finds that the last of the abscesses probably isn’t going to disappear by itself, despite the antibiotics. So he decides to lance it and get rid of it once and for all. He goes behind a curtain with Molly – we’re on the other side and can only listen miserably to poor Molly screaming the clinic down.
She re-appears with a big white bandage around her head; she looks like a wounded soldier! The doctor is impressed by the vaccination papers that we got at the orphanage. He thinks that Molly may have scabies and we get some medicine for that to give her. Just by thinking about it, we suddenly feel itchy too….

Then we go back to the tailor. My suit is just perfect. Frank’s needs a little adjustment but it looks very nice.

Mike and Ina finally make it to our place with Alexander. At first he’s calm enough but later on we see for ourselves that he’s cranky and upset. But it’s probably just a matter of time. Maybe the scabies is bothering him too.

17 October 1999 - More Sightseeing in Hanoi

We visited Ho Chi Minh today, but unfortunately he was out… He’s in Moscow for three months every year to check that his embalmment is OK…. We also visited the One Pillar Pagoda.

Molly was troublesome today – more or less screamed the entire afternoon…. Wouldn’t eat, nor sleep. In the end, she did fall asleep and slept for 5 hours. Phew!

18 October 1999 - More Shopping

Molly was in good form again today. She entertained herself by lying on her belly, trying to get or crawl. Not very successfully… but she was really trying hard. We went to the Hang Gai (silk street) and bought more outfits for Molly and a very nice silk dress for me.

In the afternoon, Molly was cranky again – not even the bubble bath was a success. She’s obviously not an “afternoon person”!

19 October 1999 - Molly's Passport and Visa Received

Frank went to the Immigration Office and the Danish embassy and got Molly’s passport and visa. Went back to the tailor – Frank’s suit was ready, very nice! It’s our last day and we feel a bit emotional about it. Still, we’re looking forward to going home.

Mike called to wish us a good trip home (they’re going home on a different flight) and we arranged to meet up once we’re all home.

Mrs. Ha also called – she wants to drop by tomorrow morning to say goodbye. We pack our cases. We’re ready to go home.

Molly was an angel all day! (more...)

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Read the complete travel journal: http://www.laceysenderovitzfamily.dk/Molly%20pages/Molly_main.htm


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