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Vietnam Adoption

Molly's Adoption Story

20 October 1999 - Going Home

Mrs. Ha joins us for breakfast and she wishes us good luck. She thinks Molly is very pretty (of course she is!) Now is our chance to ask her about Laura. Mrs. Ha tells us that she is still at the orphanage in Phan Thiet. She implies that Laura’s mother is mentally unstable, and we think to ourselves that perhaps staying at the orphanage is the best thing for Laura, in the circumstances. In any case, there is nothing we can do, but it’s very sad to think about.

The trip home is fairly uneventful, apart from some turbulence and a bit of problems with noise during the flight, where we have to change places, which is a bit of a nuisance. But Molly holds up well – the Singapore Airlines stewardesses want to hold her. She manages to sleep for quite

a while on the flight from Singapore to Copenhagen.

21 October 1999 - Coming Home

We arrive in Copenhagen right on schedule. We’re tired, but happy. Molly is fine too and takes everything in her stride. As we come out to the baggage belts, our family spots us through the glass. They wave frantically – enough to catch our attention, anyway! So we hurry over and show them Molly through the glass. Much jumping, waving and laughing. Famse (my dad) is already crying! J

We have to fill out an immigration form at the passport control, but other than that we go through without any hassle. Family and friends meet us in the arrivals hall. We invite everybody home but only our closest family accept. We come home, open presents, and talk about our trip, while Molly is being admired and held. It’s going well, up to a point – suddenly it gets to be too much for her. She is clearly very tired but about to panic with the whole commotion. So we ask the others to leave us alone, and Molly calms down.

We need to register Molly as a citizen, book an appointment with our general practitioner, call our agency and our local county council.. but we decide to wait until tomorrow.

It’s strange to have gone out two people and have come back three…. Our house feels different somehow! We’re grateful that everything has gone so well, and – believe it or not – we start talking about another adoption…. But that's a different story. You can read that one here!

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Read the complete travel journal: http://www.laceysenderovitzfamily.dk/Molly%20pages/Molly_main.htm


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