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"Whether you’re waiting for a court date, a referral, or a travel date, the days seem to stretch on forever. How do you pass the time?"



Candy, New York - Adopted from Russia: On the more serious side of things, don't forget to get any travel shots you need, make sure your passport stays up to date, write a will, take child care classes, plan for daycare and read as much as you can.

Renee, Washington - Adopting from China:Well, we're pretty busy with the two children we have in our home, but that still doesn't make the wait any easier! We keep busy with the kids, we're working on some home improvement projects, keeping busy in our faith and preparing our home for the new addition. My advice, take a vacation now! You may not get to for a long time after the baby comes!!

Lissa, Kentucky - Adopting from China: Besides taking "us" time and decorating the nursery, cleaning house and learning about childcare, CPR etc., we are building a website in honor of our little one. It has a blog and information on China adoption. I am also a member of several China adoption forums.

Nadia, Canada - Adopted from Haiti: Scrapbook!

Jane, Boston - Adopted from Russia: While we were preparing our paperwork we also started a ' to do list'. We wrote down things like get the babies room ready, learn Russian, spend time with our friends' children. We did great on everything (Although we only learned SOME Russian!)

John, Cincinnati - Adopting from China: While my wife and I wait for our referral from China, we built this web site. It's been a great way to feel like we're being active...while there's really nothing to do but wait. We also joined Families with Children from China and a Waiting Families Group.



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