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What is an I-71H?

An I-71H is great news for prospective parents.

What is an I-71H? Once the INS has reviewed your I-600A, which is the “Application For Advance Processing of Orphan Petition”, your fingerprints have cleared and your home study reviewed (if applicable), the Immigration Service will send you an I-71H.

The I71H is officially called the, “Notice of Favorable Determination Concerning Application for Advance Procession of an Orphan Petition”. When prospective parents are waiting for any bit of news about how their adoption is moving forward, there are few things better than the I-71H. In a process that at times can seems as though it is grinding to a hault, the I71H is welcome news.

In addition to your copy of the I71H, the form should also have been cabled to the appropriate embassy in the country from which you are adopting. The I-71H is basically approval by the BCIS for you to raise a foreign child in the U.S. This form is necessary for a child to be processed through the immigration process.

Your I-71H is valid for 18 months...your fingerprints submitted with your I-600A however, are only valid for 15 months. You will need to carefully manage these expiration dates depending on which country you are adopting from. For example, if your referral from China is delayed for longer than expected, your paperwork may expire. You may get re-fingerprinted if yours are going to expire.

Note: Managing the forms, laws and timings required during your adoption can be daunting and can cause lengthy and costly delays. Please consult a reputable and experienced agency for accurate and up-to-date information.

There are a lot forms with hard to follow names and numbers. The I-71H is one of the keys to your adoption.

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